Khadi's Recovery Story

"This is not their recovery. It's yours" - Sober Black Girls Club


Small Introduction: My name is Khadi A. I am from New York City and the founder and creator of Sober Black Girls Club ("SBGC").

How did you start drinking? I started drinking during my first year of college. I was about 18 years old.

How did your life change after you started drinking? My drinking "career" lasted for about ten years. In the beginning, it was harmless fun. My drinking became harmful when I fell into a depression. At that point, I was using alcohol to cope and function and damaged relationships, lost jobs, etc. It was awful.

What made you quit? Nothing specifically made me quit. I decided to stop drinking once I realized that alcohol was the culprit behind many of my bad decisions.

What are the challenges you experienced during the process? I struggled with finding a community that looked like me- a community I could identify with. That is how Sober Black Girls Club came about.

What techniques did you use to quit? Unfamiliar with addiction I tried almost everything to get sober. Ultimately the holistic approach worked best for me. I see a therapist, mediate and try my best to stay connected to Mother Earth.

What's the best part of being sober? Less arguments and disagreements with the people I love.

What advice do you have for the people who are just starting? You don't have to do anything alone- that includes getting sober. Reach out for help. There is a community full of amazing, knowledgeable folks in recovery that are willing to help you. Willing to work with you. Reach out for help.