Heather's Recovery Story

"Believe you can and you are halfway there." – Theodore Roosevelt


Heather Lowe, Ditched the Drink February 2018 after 3 years of sober starts and stops.
I was born in WI, where my parents met in a beer tent.
I now live outside of Chicago with my husband (who I met in a bar) and our 2 teenage daughters, and adorable cocker spaniel.

I had my first beer at 12 years old. I slammed it.
I loved it.

I turned into an extroverted party girl though high school and college.

I bought into corporate happy hours as a sales professional.
I was a big fan of Mommy Wine Culture after having my kids.

The alcohol turned from fun to not fun when I left a flexible and supportive job I loved after 10 years.
I was in a new job that I hated. Work hard, play hard, and drinking was pretty much a requirement.
In addition to being unhappy in my job, missing my family while at work, I was faced with doing the eulogies of 3 loved ones in 3 years. One was for my Dad and the other 2 unexpected deaths of friends my age.

Wine was the way I self medicated my grief and unhappiness. Wine was the socially acceptable elixir to take away my pain.

Before I realized it, I couldn’t feel good without it.
My depression and anxiety were at an all time high.
I started medication for anxiety and mixed with the booze I became a walking black out.


I knew something had to change. I started a sober challenge. The goal was 100 Days, but I only made it to 70. The goal was never to stop drinking. The goal was always to be a normal drinker.

I did this on and off quit drinking/drink cycle for 3 years. One time going 5 months before tasting tequila on a Mexican vacation and going right back to daily drinking.

I felt so much better sober, but as a party girl, could not imagine a life of sobriety. It seemed sad, boring, deprived.

I became a student of my own problem and immersed myself in the sober movement. I read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and followed all the sober influencers.

I felt sad on my last Day 1, like I was giving up something I had failed to control. I actually apologized to my friends that I wouldn’t be drinking anymore. I couldn’t do it. I was bad at it.

Flash forward to now 2 1/2 years later I am the happiest I have ever been. I am able to process my grief, grew my confidence, improved my health, saved so much money, and made new friends.

I took my dream trip to Africa, ran a 1/2 marathon in my 40’s, and started my own business Ditched the Drink.
My education in Social Work was always the roots I wanted to return to. I became a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, Certified Life Coach, and received a Certificate of Wellbeing.

I created a 6 week class to help people, like me, who want to privately evaluate their relationship with alcohol, without labels or judgement.

I also coach people to tune in instead of tune out. I believe when we are aligned with our highest self we can do our greatest good.

Alcohol was standing in the way of everything I wanted. Sobriety has delivered everything alcohol promised, like fun, relaxation, adventure, and connection.

It is brave to question your drinking and reaching out for help is the most bad ass thing you can do!