Eva's Recovery Story

"Sobriety is one of the ultimate acts of self-love" - Eva


Hi my names Eva! My AF birthday is May 3rd 2020 and I’m from Seattle Washington.

I began drinking at 18 and started heavily drinking at 21 which is the legal age to drink in the U.S. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since high school so when I found alcohol I quickly came to the conclusion that alcohol could help solve all of my problems. I could be more social/ confident and avoid the pain of not being able to live as my true self. I finally realized after heavy partying, crippling anxiety and tremendously low self-esteem that alcohol was leading to my downfall. Alcohol only amplified all of my problems. I put myself in dangerous situations, acted in regrettable ways and alcohol always invited more drama into my life.

The most challenging part of quitting has been the shame. Before I found the Instagram AF community becoming sober was isolating and lonely! I constantly cycled through my past mistakes and the harm I caused others. I often felt embarrassed and ashamed of being sober. I felt different and as if something was wrong with me since I couldn’t drink like other people! I know now this is far from wrong. I immersed myself in sober literature, sober podcasts and the sober Instagram community. Being able to talk openly about the detrimental effects of alcohol has been SO healing.


The best part of being sober is being able to connect to other sober folks! It’s also paved the way towards more fulfilling connections with the people in my life! Being AF has allowed me to become more confident and comfortable within myself. I have better coping tools and my anxiety has reduced.

Advice for those starting out are don’t be afraid to reach out to others. It takes time to embrace your sober self so being patient and not comparing yourself to others is important! Read and listen to others stories and make being alcohol free YOUR thing. You are SO deserving of the life you want.