Chelsea's Recovery Story

Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln


Chelsea defina sober date 4-15-15 from Connecticut 

I began drinking at age 14, first to fit in with the older crowd, then it became something  to cover up the feelings of loneliness I struggled with. This went on for many years. Eventually turned into harder drugs. Blackouts and pain. I ruined relationships with so many! 

Finally my life had gotten so bad I went to rehab relapsed shortly after and found out I was pregnant, my daughter pushed me to fight. Because now I was fighting for someone other than myself. 

Putting in the daily work every single day is what keeps me sober. Dealing with the traumas, the feelings of abandonment. Therapy and self care. Every day I dive into personal development. I move my body and work on loving myself. Which I now spread to others. 


My number one purpose in life is to help other women find their confidence, to learn how to love themselves. And that is what keeps me sober!

The best part of being sober is actually living the life o used to dream about! Because anything is possible. 

My advice to anyone reading this is to just start. One day, one minute, just start. And fight like hell

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