Abbey's Recovery Story

"I didn't know I had a shine about me, until I realized alcohol was just constantly dimming it" - Abbey


Hey there friends! My name is Abbey (@abbeys.road.there), im from Knoxville, TN and I have been on this glorious road of recovery since March 25, 2019. Ill start by saying, this road hasn't been the easiest..but it has most DEFINITELY been the best decision I have ever made for myself!

I started drinking at the age of about 15, you know, a little here and there with friends and being secretive. But at the age of 18 I had a traumatic experience that led me to use alcohol as my primary way of coping. From there, it became my life. My number one, my go-to, my everything. It got to the point where I was blacking out every time I drank, I was mean, I was unmotivated, I was extremely unhealthy (both physically and mentally) and I just kept on fueling my body with toxins. This was my life for the next 8 years.

I was 26 years old and really struggling in all aspects of my life. Relationships, friendships, work, spirituality, I was a complete mess. I couldnt live with myself like this anymore, so I finally took the leap and decided for real this time I had to quit drinking!


First thing I did was telling someone I trusted. See, I had always hid my relationship with alcohol (well as much as I could anyway) because I didn't want to "have a problem". But I knew I couldn't do this alone. I told my mom and my close friends and from there I started to feel like I was gaining my power back.

Secondly, I reached out to people in the sober community through Instagram. I had no idea that there were that many people that knew exactly what I was struggling with and going through! It became a safe place, I grew friendships with others and I was feeling so confident in how my life was changing!

Thirdly, I started writing down my feelings. Through IG, I basically just wrote my life and how I was feeling in every good and bad moment. It helped me see my progress and I just wanted more and more!

Like I said earlier, it wasn't always easy but even on my hard days my sobriety always felt so amazing. So if youre struggling, stay with it. Reach out, read a book, have a jam session to your favorite band, eat a cookie, call a friend and never give up on yourself!
Recovery IS possible and it can be yours.
So much love to you all!"