Why Do We Drink?

Why does it feel bad

This feels impossible. Is something wrong with me?

There are many schools of thought about addiction and substance use, and here at Reframe we think all of them have bits and pieces of valuable insight to take away. Some people arrive at addiction because of a predisposition; a shared family history. Many, however, don’t have that predisposition and still find themselves having difficulty handling alcohol. This suggests that a large part of addiction is simple habit formation. Just as we learn unhealthy habits, we can unlearn them and replace them with better habits.

So many have walked this path before you. It can feel incredibly isolating and challenging when we make the decision to reduce or abstain from alcohol, but know that there are extremely valid reasons why it is so difficult, and you are more than capable of overcoming this challenge. We’re here to help you through it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

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