Weighing The Benefits of Quitting vs. Continuing Drinking

Weighing the benefits of quitting vs. continuing drinking2

Another helpful tool for this exercise is to weigh each pro or con on a scale of 0-10, and tally up the score at the end.

PROS: 0 = least beneficial

10 = most beneficial

CONS: 0 = least harmful

10 = most harmful

Perhaps your T-chart looks relatively balanced, with as many pros as there are cons. But when you tally up the weight of each of these, is it still balanced? Or does one side have a much heftier score?

It’s likely that this exercise may not provide you any new information; after all, you’re here. You probably already have a gut understanding of what you want your relationship with alcohol to look like. But there is great power in writing it down and seeing it visually. Return to this exercise any time you begin to wonder which path is best for you.

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