Weighing The Benefits of Quitting vs. Continuing Drinking

Weighing the benefits of quitting vs. continuing drinking

Since you’ve joined us here at Reframe, it’s likely that you’ve come to this program with at least an inkling that alcohol doesn’t serve you. But we can spend a long time sitting with that inkling without taking action, can’t we? In fact, most people spend months or years in this in-between, where our gut tells us we want to change, but actually committing to change is difficult. If you’ve found yourself here, know that you are not alone.

And though we know all of the reasons that drinking alcohol may be harming us, it’s easy to bypass that logic when a stressful week comes up or a special occasion is on the calendar. So today, let’s get the pros and cons of continuing to drink down on paper. There’s scientific evidence that writing information down solidifies it in different neural pathways within our brains, and it also gives us a hardcopy we can return to when we’re questioning drinking again.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

A simple T chart is helpful for this: list the pros on the left, and the cons on the right. This visual representation gives us the ability to see volume—if one side or the other has more under their column. It’s also a simple way to delineate positive vs. negative; there’s no in between, and a reason must go under one column or another.

Take a moment and list all of the benefits (real or perceived) you currently get from drinking alcohol. What physical, emotional, social, environmental, financial benefits does drinking provide you?

And now move on to the negatives (real or perceived) of drinking alcohol. What physical, emotional, social, environmental, financial harms does drinking provide you?