TMS-mind body syndrome


What’s the solution?
We have to turn the fire alarm off which requires activating the part of the brain that can do so called the dorsal, lateral pre frontal cortex.

Here are some ways to do that:

Deep breathing:
4-6-8: take a deep breath in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 6 seconds and through your mouth for 8 seconds. Think of deflating a balloon. This triggers your sprinkler system to go off and activates that part of the brain that begins to turn off the fire alarm.

Journaling is an incredibly great way to utilize the part of the brain that can turn the alarm off which is our rational part of the brain. Try to write whatever is coming to mind, not worrying about grammar or “making sense.” This free writing can help the brain make sense of the chaos it is feeling and calm down. You can choose to keep what you write or throw it away. 

Mindfulness: You can do anything mindfully as long as you are doing one thing the moment, being present and doing it non-judgmentally. Try showering, brushing your teeth, eating, walking mindfully. Utilize meditation apps to listen to a short meditation. Here are some great meditation apps: insight timer, Calm, Let’s Meditate, Headspace.  

Self-affirmation and Visualization: Tapping into that rational part of the brain through affirming yourself helps calm the sprinkler system and eventually turn the fire alarm off. Try saying out loud “I am calm, I am connected, I am safe” while visualizing yourself in a place that helps you feel calm (an actual place, a memory, a hug).  In essence, through these exercises you begin to break the link between the emotions that arise to the reaction the body is having which is creating the physical symptoms.