When Unhappiness Manifests in the Body


As you navigate this new alcohol-free life, pay detailed attention to how your body feels. You are going through a period of healing; when we habitually use alcohol, it takes a significant toll on our physical and emotional health that must be repaired. We may also notice changes as a result of fully feeling again—when we’re no longer numbing our stress, anxiety, or sadness with alcohol, these feelings may begin to take a physical toll on us as well. Don’t be discouraged by this; it’s simply part of the journey and an opportunity to tune into the cues our bodies are sending us.

If you notice significant changes in your body and they feel unmanageable, consider consulting with a medical or mental health professional. These people can be an incredibly helpful part of our alcohol-free support network, and may be able to ease us through the physical and emotional challenges we face. Asking for help is an honorable thing to do, and an act of self-love.

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