The Power of Grit

The Power of Grit2

Learning from setbacks:

We’ll dig into this in greater depth tomorrow, but when we take something constructive, educational, or helpful from every setback, then we display grit and learn something from the experience. If we drink when we don’t want to but only see it as a grand failure, then we’re more likely to give up on our goal of living alcohol-free because we feel so poorly about ourselves. But if we learn from the experience and apply those insights to our next try, that grit keeps us on the path of growth.

Digging in when it feels hard:

Gritty folks don’t give up when it gets hard, especially when there’s tension and unease in the process. Instead, they double down on all of the things they know will get them through the challenge. When we’re struck with a craving for alcohol, for example, we can call on grit by using all of our tools in our toolbox and connecting with loved ones, instead of giving into the craving.

Holding a vision of the future top of mind:

When things get tricky, sticky, or hard, embody grit by keeping a clear picture of “future you” front and center. This is your alcohol-free highest self; what you’ll look like, what you’ll do, and how you feel while you’re living your best AF life. You can do this in the literal sense by creating vision boards or journaling on these thoughts, or you can simply create a mental image of this version of you and keep it in your mind’s eye. The next time a craving strikes and you’re feeling vulnerable, call on grit and your alcohol-free highest self to visualize your way through the other side of the cravings.

What does grit within living alcohol-free look like to you? How can you bring this element of mental and physical strength into your alcohol-free toolbox going forward?