The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

The MindBodySpirit Connection

We, as humans, are intended to operate from a place of wellness in all aspects of our being—mind, body, and spirit. Each piece of our humanity holds equal value and weight, and plays an integral role in our overall well being. When one part of this triad is out of whack, not being attended to, or in flat out dis-ease, the entire system begins to operate at a sub-par level.

However, we aren’t necessarily taught to put equal focus on these three components of our human existence. Depending on what culture you hail from, you may have a different set of cultural priorities you’ve been conditioned to put first. In many modern societies these days, a global wellness that considers all parts of a person is not always the norm.

So in many cases, we have to begin prioritizing this on our own. Focusing on each piece that makes us who we are, and ensuring they’re working in harmony and balance. Recognizing when something is off balance, misaligned, or ailing. Course-correcting and regaining alignment. This is not a self-awareness skill that you can turn on overnight—it takes serious self-study and experimentation to come to a place where you can notice these misalignments and get things back in balance.

Throughout your time with Reframe, you may have begun to notice that you’ve been neglecting your mind, your body, or your spirit. Perhaps all three are out of alignment, maybe you’re crushing it in two of those categories but have put one on the back burner, or maybe you’ve been prioritizing just one of these things and ignoring the others for some time now. Whether you’ve been actively aware of this, or have just felt “off,” this is your invitation to take a closer look at the alignment in your life.