The Benefits of Improving Mental Health

The Benefits of Improving Mental Health2

When we have positive mental wellness, health benefits include:

  • A reduction of physical anxiety symptoms, which tax our nervous system

  • Clearer thinking—lifting of “brain fog” that often accompanies depression and other mental illnesses

  • Reduced risk of self-harm or suicide caused by mental un-wellness

  • Reduction of physical and emotional stress, which impacts brain, heart, and nervous system wellness, among other things

  • Increased/more consistent energy throughout the day

Socially, we find even more benefits of attending to our mental wellness:

  • Improved moods and sociability

  • Greater sense of calm and peace

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Improved relationships

In truth, our society does not yet value mental wellness as highly as it prizes physical wellness—there is still much stigma around the wide spectrum of struggles we experience with our mental health. If the concept of mental wellness is new to you, or if it's something you’re still working to understand, perhaps it might be helpful to frame it in parallel to physical wellness:

Just as we eat good food, exercise, get enough sleep, and take our meds for a physical ailment, we can attend to our mental wellness in many of the same ways. If you cut off your right arm, you’d go to the doctor, wouldn’t you? Consider something like depression or anxiety or cycling moods as a similarly serious ailment that deserves sweet (and often urgent) care.

In the next few days, we’ll begin exploring the intersection of mental wellness, un-wellness, and the wide spectrum of mental health, in conjunction with alcohol use. How it impacts our mental wellness in the short- and long-term, how we can care for our mental wellness, what we can do to prevent mental unwellness ahead of time, and why it matters.

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