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Telling Others About Your Sobriety

Their reactions are not about you

One of the most difficult parts about sharing your choice to live alcohol-free is when someone has an extreme reaction. From incredulity to confrontation, sometimes others will respond negatively to your choice to abstain. In nearly every single one of these situations, their reaction is about them and not about you. While it can feel personal, know that their negative feedback is likely coming from a place of discomfort within themselves that has nothing to do with you. Feel confident in the choices you have made for yourself.

There’s no one right answer

The beauty of living alcohol-free is that you can call it whatever you’d like. Traditional recovery modalities refer to “alcoholism” and “addicts,” but if you don’t identify with those concepts, you can find an identity (or none at all) that feels more like home. The alcohol-free community is vibrant and eclectic, and each path has value. A few possible identifiers to try on for size:

  • Alcohol-free

  • Teetotaler

  • Nondrinker

  • Boozeless

  • Sober

Telling Others About Your Sobriety2