Telling Others About Your Sobriety

Telling Others About Your Sobriety

Whether you’ve chosen to abstain from alcohol for now or for forever, it’s likely that you’ll encounter situations where you’ll need or want to share about your decision. The emotions that this brings up can vary widely; you might feel nervous, unsure how others will react, or proud and excited to share your news. It’s helpful to consider how you’ll approach the subject in various situations so you’re not caught off guard when the moment arises. Here at Reframe, we dream of a world where choosing not to drink is as common as choosing to drink. But until then, let’s get a game plan.

Early On

Early on in your alcohol-free life, you may feel some jitters sharing about your decision to remove alcohol. Take a moment to think about how comfortable you are sharing your new alcohol-free lifestyle right now. If it feels scary to share at the moment, that’s perfectly normal!

If someone offers you a drink, “no, thank you” is a complete answer. It can feel scary to not add qualifiers to that, but practicing a simple “no” is a powerful act. If the drink offerer persists, say whatever feels right to you:

  • I’m not drinking right now

  • I’m taking medication that I can’t mix with alcohol

  • Alcohol is messing with my sleep these days

  • I’m taking it easy tonight

  • I feel better when I don’t drink

  • I’m happy with water right now

  • I quit drinking! *dancing lady emoji*

Sharing your deeper “why”

As you grow in confidence with your alcohol-free path as it progresses (or even early on!) you may feel empowered to share the deeper reasons that you have decided to remove alcohol from your life. Sharing our hearts in this way is powerful; your story will impact others and strengthen your decision to remain alcohol-free. This is also a useful way to bring in close friends and family. When they understand your motivations, they can help support you on your journey.