Storytelling + Inspiring Others


This part may take time—you will know when it feels right to share your story with others. You are driving the bus now, not alcohol, and you get to choose when, where, how, and to whom you allow into the building of you, into all of the chapters that led you to where you are now.

Sharing your story is a mutually beneficial experience; you may find that connecting with others about your alcohol-free journey has a solidifying effect on your decision to abstain. You speak any shame aloud and evaporate it in the light, you allow yourself to be seen, you combine all of the different parts of you into one, authentic being. The receiver of your story gets to witness you in your alignment, and they begin to understand that they are not as alone as they thought they were. That there are people out there experiencing the same difficulties as they are.

This may be a constant evolution, as your story evolves and you begin to extract different lessons from older chapters. Consider your story a living document; one that shape shifts and transforms over time. But know that someone will benefit from your story, someone needs to hear it. Storytelling is the culmination of the inner-work we’ve done, of all of the uncovering and witnessing and sitting with.

Your story matters.