Storytelling + Inspiring Others


Eventually in our alcohol-free journey, we come to a place where we’re able to speak authentically about our experiences; whatever it is that brought you to the decision to remove alcohol from your life, and all of the steps you’ve taken since. This is a learned practice, crafted through the deep inner work of uncovering your “story” and learning how to share it with courage and sincerity.

Right now, perhaps it’s difficult to see the past as something constructive, something that has created the person you are today. If the past still feels acutely painful right now, we still have work to do, but know that your experiences—the good and the bad—have all culminated in the beautiful human that is you in this moment.

We get to craft our story. We get to take the parts that shaped us, and we get to weave them into our being. We take the lessons, the learning, the experience, and we shake off the shame, the guilt, the sadness. We get to piece each chapter together until we create a chronology of ourselves; all of the pieces that led us to today. And we leave the last chapters blank—there is still more of our story to come.

And our story has power. There is someone out there, right now, who would be helped by your story. Who would say “oh my, me too,” or would find your story to be a balm. Who is maybe a few steps behind you and needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Who is craving the connection that comes from seeing someone like them go through deeply human experiences and come out on the other side. Shame thrives in darkness—when we speak our stories aloud, we bring it to the light. Shame cannot survive in the light, among community and connection.