Boredom as a Trigger

Steps to beat boredom

Our Thoughts

What’s more, without alcohol occupying our time and blurring the edges, we have to sit with our thoughts. This may be really difficult right now—we can say some really horrible things to ourselves when we’re using alcohol habitually, and your thoughts may not feel very safe yet. We also may have a multitude of traumas and life experiences that were leading us to drink alcohol in the first place, and if those are still unresolved, we must sit with those too.

What We Can Do About It

But knowledge is power. When we understand that idle hands and idle thoughts put us at higher risk for alcohol use, we take action and arm ourselves with a few surefire boredom busters. We understand that this is a perfectly normal experience in early alcohol-free life, and we practice compassion for ourselves. In the next few days, we’ll deep dive into a few practices for busting boredom without drinking.