STEP Challenge

STEP Challenges

Set Timers: Set timers for every 2 hours (from when you wake to when you sleep)

Take 5 minutes: In the beginning of each 2-hour period, take 5 minutes to write down everything you want to do in the next 2 hours – travelling, hanging out, working, playing etc.

Expand: Now fill in more details – where you’re going, who you’re hanging out with, what you’re going to work on etc.

Play it in your mind: Look at the list & visualize yourself doing the activities – Like fast forwarding a movie. Imagine carrying out this sequence of events in your mind

Now follow through. No, these plans don’t have to be rigid. It’s not a scheduler, you don’t have to check them off or anything like that. There is only one condition - if you’re going to do anything that is not listed – you’ll note down what you’re going to do & visualize it. That’s it.

Then you can be on your way. No matter what the activity is– even if you’re going to slip & drink a beer, you just need to note it down before you do it.

There is no sugar coating this – This is definitely not going to be easy. But if you can push through it for a week, it’ll become a lot easier. And if you continue to do it consistently, it will change your life. You will minimize SIDs that lead to drinking, but the benefits don’t end there. Your productivity will jump through the roof, you’ll get a deeper understanding of your emotions, your time management skills will go up, and your decision making will improve drastically.