Shifting Your Perspectives To Gain

Shift your perspectives to Gain 2

If you find yourself dwelling in what you “can’t” do anymore, or how you “can’t drink,” take a moment to jot down all of the things that living alcohol-free has given or will give you. A few possibilities:

  • Hangover-free mornings

  • Better sleep

  • More pleasurable sex

  • The ability to be present

  • Clear memories

  • Better focus, cognition, and attention

  • Improved gut health

  • Improved liver function

  • Control over our experiences

  • Less anxiety and “hangxiety”

  • Time and energy to exercise

  • Improved relationships

  • Confidence and trust in ourselves

  • Money saved

In fact, having a list of the things you’ve gained by removing alcohol is a great hardcopy tool to turn to when a craving hits. In the early days of alcohol-free life, our bodies and minds are not yet fully driving the bus, and having tools at the ready is so important. Grab your list, and change the narrative from what you “can’t” have to what you gain by removing alcohol. Practice this whenever it feels like you’ve lost something by no longer drinking, and you’ll soon find that you feel empowered and thankful for your new alcohol-free life.