Self-Esteem and Your Thinking

Self-Esteem and Your Thinking2

And at the end of the day, spend some time journaling about all the ways that this affirmation is true. Did someone give you a high five? Confirmation of your affirmation. Did you put on real pants today? Confirmation of your affirmation. When we take the extra step to confirm an affirmation at the end of our day, that strengthens this practice immensely.(They won’t teach you this booster shot to affirmations on Instagram, but it’s a powerful piece of the neuroscience of this!)

What we’re doing here is intentionally rewiring our self-esteem and thinking through neuroplasticity. We have the power to reshape our thinking and the ability to actively change our self-esteem over time. Be extremely gentle and loving with yourself, even when it feels unnatural. Use the words you’d tell your children or your partner but you’ve never shared with yourself. If it’s currently very difficult to view yourself in a positive light, you won’t feel like this forever. You have the power to change your internal dialogue to a more loving, kind self-talk and self-esteem.