Minute 1- Silence: Sit somewhere quiet, and take deep, long breaths. The goal is to calm your mind and wash out all the messy thoughts. It’s important to start your day calmly and peacefully.

Minute 2 – Affirmations: Be positive and encouraging to yourself. Remind yourself that you are powerful, and you have so much potential to do good inside you. Remind yourself that you cannot be harmed by thoughts and feelings if you don’t let them. Visit the daily affirmation on Reframe and search for more online if you’d like.

Minute 3 – Visualization: Quickly plan out your day and figure out the things needed to be done. Then visualize your day step by step with your plan and imagine how’d you feel if the day is successful. Imagine what you’d feel as you succeed in each task.

Minute 4 – Exercise: We don’t need a marathon here. Just 60 secs of jumping jacks or fast running would be sufficient to boost your heart rate, get blood and oxygen to flow to your brain and help you to stay focused.

Minute 5 – Reading: Pick up a self-help book (you can also choose to listen to a podcast or watch a motivational video if you wish to) and read 1 page – yup! You can read 10 (or more) if you want to but make it a point to at least read one page.

Minute 6 – Scribing: Write down a list of things that bring you joy, and make you feel proud. It doesn’t need to be long or in formatted sentences. It’s a way to help you feel inspired and empowered and reaffirm your purpose.

Although it’s a 6 minutes morning routine, you can always choose to do it for longer. But make sure you at least do 6 minutes, even when you’re not feeling like it. You can take out 6 minutes of your morning even on the busiest day and it’ll literally help you transform the day. Don’t take my word for it, try it for a week starting tomorrow, you will see a difference soon!