Prevention + Coping with Stress

PreventionCoping with Stress2

Some ideas for coping with stress:

  • Connect with supportive communities, both in and out of the sobriety space

  • Adopt a new exercise regimen like a yoga practice or daily walks

  • Pick up a new hobby, especially something that occupies your hands

  • Meditate

  • Get extra sleep

  • Eat a healthful diet with a good balance of protein, carbs, and fats

  • Journal or doodle

  • Read “quit lit” - books about the alcohol-free life

  • Take a shower or bath

  • Unplug from social media and electronics

  • Return to your “why”

Because we know how alcohol impacts our brain chemistry, we are equipped with the understanding that these changes in our stress and moods are partially impacted by our brains seeking balance and finding a new “normal.” This permits us to remove blame and practice compassion for ourselves in this time of adjustment and learning. Building a foundation of coping mechanisms also helps us plan ahead and know what tools to utilize when we experience an unexpected craving or stressful event.