Positive Psychology at Work

Positive Psychology at Work2

Determine Clear Work Values

Calling on eudaimonic well-being, we remember the importance of creating meaning and purpose in our lives. We can do this in work by getting crystal clear on the values of our work—either at the company or individual level. What does your work stand for, theoretically? If you make pizzas, your work values might include nourishment, connection (around a pie), and creativity. If you run a team of fitness instructors, perhaps your work values look like collaboration, wellness, and joyful movement. We can find core values in any occupation or hobby, and when we keep these values top of mind, it brings a greater depth to our work.

And why does any of this matter to a habit-change app aimed at alcohol reduction? Because when we spend over a third of our life at work, that’s a significant chunk of time impacting your well-being. And when your well-being is supported, that makes changing your relationship with alcohol a little less difficult. It’s all connected, my friend.

Today, consider how you might apply these theories of positive psychology to your work or hobbies or life purpose. What tangible steps can you make towards a happier, more fulfilling work life?

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