Personal Growth + the Six-Factor Model of Psychological Well-Being

Personal Growththe Six-Factor Model of Psychological Well-Being2

Celebration is a key activity of a person who has high markers of personal growth; they celebrate the big and small wins along the way, they celebrate the destination, they celebrate the mistakes made along the way. This celebration reinforces a really key part of the way our brains perceive these changes we’re making; if we take a moment to give our brains a little dopamine boost through a kitchen dance party or a really delicious meal in celebration of our progress, that teaches our brains to repeat the behavior. To seek out future opportunities for growth, change, and celebration.

Another key component of this personal growth piece of Ryff’s model is the idea of a growth mindset; these two things are one in the same, in many ways. We’ve already put in time and effort to cultivate a growth mindset, and so much of that work applies to building in personal growth and development into our lives. We seek it out, we look forward to it, we know it will help us move the needle forward in our life, our wellness, and our happiness.

Take a moment today to celebrate all of the work you have done thus far to change your relationship with alcohol. You have invited in a spirit of personal growth through every activity you’ve checked off in this app, and you’d get an A+ on Ryff’s assessment for personal growth.

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