Personal Growth + the Six-Factor Model of Psychological Well-Being

Personal Growththe Six-Factor Model of Psychological Well-Being

The fourth component of Ryff’s Model of Psychological Well-Being is the concept of “personal growth.” In this context, high markers of personal growth include welcoming and seeking out opportunities to change, evolve, and progress down the path of improving self. New experiences are enjoyed and welcomed, there is ample forward progress in our lives, and we have an open mind to different ways of being than what we’re accustomed to.

On the flip side, poor markers in the personal growth realm reflect stagnation, hesitancy, fear of trying new things, sticking well within our comfort zones. Fear, lack, suspicion, resistance; all of these qualities are driving the bus of our internal dialogue.

Perhaps this piece resonates with you quite a bit—it does for me. This is in part because most of us live on an evolving continuum of this quality, where we have periods of great growth and openness to change, followed by slower, more fearful periods of stagnation. It’s perfectly normal to have a multitude of experiences in this arena—there’s nothing wrong with that.

The good news is since you’re here working on improving yourself right this second, you probably have pretty decent markers of personal growth at the moment. *high five!* Even though this work is difficult, sometimes scary, and often something we’d rather avoid, you are here. And that’s a very, very big deal.

So how do we go about fostering and embodying a spirit of continued personal growth? We stay open and receptive to change, we seek out new experiences and opportunities for growth, and we celebrate our progress along the way.