Personal Growth

Personal Growth2

But when we part with the things that no longer serve us, we make space for all of the beauty, potential, and opportunity. We step into our authenticity, we live a more aligned life, we direct our energy towards things that fill us up. We raise our frequency, our expectations, and what we put into life. We begin to be able to recognize what is in alignment for us, what is not in alignment for us, and we gain the courage to be honest about that. We stop worrying about what others think, and keep our values in the forefront. We seek out the things, people, who light us up. We step into our power, and prioritize our physical and emotional wellness. We begin to realize that life is too fleeting to spend it doing all the things we hate, and we make space for new endeavors and relationships.

Who would have thought that all of these things would come to us simply by removing a beverage from our lives?

We likely experience several big shifts in our lifetime, accompanied by some sort of life-changing event. These are the milestones we look back on and realize they changed us in a fundamental way; that we can never go back to the person we were before them. Removing alcohol from your life may be one of those milestones. The weight, the overwhelm, the power you may feel from this realization is real, but trust that you are stepping into the person you were always meant to be.