Reconnecting to Our Physical Being

PAUSE part 2

Caring for the sensations we identify

Once you’ve identified how you’re feeling throughout your body, you can then implement positive practices to alleviate any stress, tension, pressure, or general unease. Maybe you know that when you feel an elephant on your chest, deep breathing is the quickest remedy for it. Or perhaps your foot won’t stop tapping, and you choose to burn off some energy by going for a run. This is trial and error - begin with a list of five of your favorite self-care practices and try them out. With consistency, though, you will eventually begin to intuitively know what your body needs.

The practice of reconnecting with our physical beings, and then caring for any ailments with the best tool, can be transformational for your life and recovery. When we no longer numb life with alcohol, we can fully appreciate the miraculous bodies we’ve been given. “Sitting with” ourselves becomes easy and enjoyable with practice. We are also better prepared to quickly identify and remedy any unexpected cravings we may encounter.