Noticing Your Positive Qualities

Noticing Your Positive Qualities2

Finally, ask a trusted friend or family to make a list of the positive qualities they see in you. They’re likely to have a much more balanced and objective view of your positive traits than you are, and they can help build you up in ways that may be hard for you to see.

While these exercises may sound trivial, they’re vitally important for subtly shifting our thinking and our self-esteem. Little changes like being able to recognize positive qualities in ourselves can add up to big systemic changes in our lives over time. Keep this list of positive qualities in places you frequent: on your bathroom mirror, tucked into your planner, or on a sticky note on your computer. (Bonus points if you have multiple copies in multiple locations!) Revisit this list often and allow yourself to receive these positive qualities about yourself. These subtle shifts make a big difference.

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