Motivating Yourself and Others

Motivating Yourself and Others2

Motivating Ourselves

And when we need that motivational boost ourselves, like when the Pink Cloud disappears and we’ve suddenly lost our vigor for ditching a toxic relationship with alcohol, we know what we dig into:

  • Small goals: just putting a tally down in the W column in order to get a win under our belt. When we have small goals that are easy to accomplish, we begin to build our self-efficacy and confidence in ourselves, and that momentum snowballs.

  • Structured goal-setting: taking the big goal and breaking it down into a clear gameplan with tangible action steps.

  • Messy action over perfect inaction: one of the best ways to get out of a slump is to just get moving, no matter how perfect it is. Taking the next right step can make the mountain seem a little less intimidating

  • Envisioning our future-self: embodying what it feels like to be the next iteration of ourselves, once we’ve achieved the goal. Keeping this intrinsic motivation top of mind and revisiting it whenever we begin to lose momentum.

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