Mindset + Why it Matters

MindsetWhy it Matters

Ever heard someone say “mindset is everything”?

Well, as cliche as that may sound, there is some truth to it. Oxford Languages has a great, succinct definition of what exactly mindset is:

Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone.

Take note of the key word here: “established.” Generally, you aren’t going to wake up one day with a dramatically different mindset than you went to bed with. To be certain, mindset can shift day to day, but usually, our mindset is pretty steady unless we seek to change it intentionally.

For many, we’ve never really thought about our mindset. We just grow up with these notions, ideas, and attitudes about nearly everything in life. We receive this information from our environment—who we spend our time with, where we live, what kind of cultures we are raised in.

And many people never spend time evaluating their mindset—to see if their frame of mind is serving them, if their mindset is helpful, healthy, or productive. But as a person seeking to change their relationship with alcohol, an act that is often considered to be outside cultural norms, you are not the kind of person who remains complacent. Are you?

The reason our mindset is so important is that it has a dramatic influence on our outlook on life, our behaviors, and our overall wellness. If we walk through the world with a mindset that tells us that life is a struggle, people are untrustworthy, no one understands us, and so on, life is just… harder. Less fun. Kind of a drag.