Meaningful Work and Play

Meaningful Work and Play2

And if you’ve come to that particular crossroad, you know that it can feel almost physically painful to keep doing the same old, same old. That when you’re fighting this new way of living that wants to bring itself forward, you’re dealing with a constant cognitive dissonance. Perhaps you feel stifled at work, or you’ve suddenly emotionally outgrown a relationship, or the party crowd you used to spend time with feels superficial overnight. You know there’s something more for you.

So we begin with courage. When we recognize that we are ready to step into a new chapter of our life that requires us to seek out more meaning, alignment, and purpose, we use the same bravery that we called upon when we decided to leave behind the booze. We start small; building in purpose in small doses until we’re able to make big, global changes in our life.

If you’re feeling called to be more intentional and find meaningful work and play, here are some ideas:

  • Start a blog

  • Volunteer your time with charitable organizations that you align with

  • Develop a creative project

  • Start a side business

  • Seek out like minded friends

  • Try a new hobby

  • Release the relationship that is no longer serving you

  • Carve out quality time with family and friends

  • Practice asking for what you need

  • Take on more responsibility at work

  • Take on less responsibility at work

  • Schedule joy practices into your day