Managing Sugar Cravings

Managing Sugar Cravings2

So when we first visited sugar, we acknowledged that a cookie is a whole lot healthier for us overall than a glass (or seven) of wine. If you’ve been leaning on that sugar bug for the last few months, that’s a perfectly understandable coping mechanism considering the circumstances. And if you’re reading this today thinking “nope, this is not the day I deal with the sugar thing,” then skip this and have a wonderfully sweet day. (Still better than booze!)

But if not drinking alcohol has become a little easier and you’re ready to also tackle sugar today, here are some ideas.

Remove it from the house

Do a pantry, fridge, and freezer purge. Check labels and clean out all the stuff with tons of added sugar—you might be surprised to find it in random things. (Like taco seasoning!) Out of sight out of mind. If we can reduce the amount of added sugar consumed in innocuous things (again, like taco seasoning. Why?!), then that helps us tackle our overarching sugar bug.

Replace it

Have something enjoyable, but a little more healthful, at the ready any time a sugar craving strikes. Perhaps you put on the kettle for some peppermint tea, or grab your favorite fruit. Dark chocolate is also a good option for a little sugar that satiates a craving.

Dial into your nutrition

We introduced the building blocks of a balanced diet a few days ago, and this is something that’s going to help with sugar cravings. When our bodies are properly fueled and satiated, we’re less likely to fall into a craving state for alcohol or sugar.

Up you self-care and use your toolbox

You’ve spent weeks now building your alcohol-free toolbox. But here’s a little secret: this toolbox that you’ve built works amazingly well for everything. That’s the beauty of building a well-rounded alcohol-free life; so much of “the work” that goes into it is really just work towards self-improvement. Break out some of your favorite self-care and distractions next time a sugar craving hits.

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