Making Space for Therapy

Making Space for Therapy 2

Still feeling resistance at the thought of giving therapy a go? Think about your current health routine; do you go to the gym to maintain a strong body?  Do you eat a balanced diet to nourish your body and give it fuel? Therapy is like those things, but for your heart and mind. As therapy for all people becomes more and more normalized, we receive an invitation to know ourselves better and become more active participants in our lives.

There are several significant barriers to seeking and benefiting from therapy, so if you’ve decided that this is a positive choice for your life that you want to pursue, it can be helpful to know what challenges you may come up against, and how to overcome them.

Cost: Much private therapy has a substantial price tag associated with it, and if you aren’t aware of alternatives, you may give up before you find the right fit. The good news is that there are many therapy options that are covered by health insurance, and there are also free and sliding-scale fee-based therapy options in many places.

Access: Actually finding a therapist can feel like a substantial challenge, especially if you are already struggling with depression or anxiety. You may have found yourself opening your computer to seek out help, only to close it out in frustration an hour later. Three possible access points for finding therapy: your insurance provider, your general practitioner doctor or OBGYN doctor, and referrals from friends and family.

Perception: Because there are still negative perceptions of therapy and those who seek it, you may find resistance from friends and family if you decide to give it a try. If you experience this, know that you are making a positive choice for your well being. You can also talk about all these people in therapy. *wink wink*

Do you think your life would be improved by making space for therapy? Could it be helpful to have an independent, objective listener to talk through things and help you build healthy tools and practices into your life?