Making Space for Therapy

Making Space for Therapy

Have you ever tried therapy? If not, what sort of perceptions come up for you when you hear the word “therapy”? Though taking care of our menta and emotional health with different therapeutic interventions is becoming more mainstream with every passing year, there are still many stereotypes and preconceived notions of what therapy is and who the kind of people who go to therapy are like.

But the truth is, therapy is for everyone. Young, old, male, female, nonbinary, Black, white—everyone and anyone can benefit from sitting down with an unbiased professional who is objective and removed from the situations and people that spur us into therapy.

“Therapy” is a catch-all word for all sorts of modalities; there’s talk therapy, exposure therapy, play therapy, family therapy, even equine therapy. The list of different types of therapeutic models goes on and on, meaning there’s likely a type of therapy that you might resonate with and respond to.

So why might you consider therapy, and what are the benefits? Therapy might be helpful for you if you’re going through:

  • A big life transition

  • Challenging relationships

  • Difficult mental health concerns like anxiety or depression

  • A recent loss or tragedy

  • Substance use concerns

  • A challenging period at work or home

While therapy is helpful during crisis, many people seek therapy in calm and happy periods of their life as a preventative measure. Being able to talk through daily life with an independent audience has many benefits and can help us see things more clearly.

A few benefits of therapy include:

  • Gaining insight and self-awareness

  • Learning better communication skills

  • Speaking shame or stress aloud to an objective listener

  • Improved problem solving skills

  • Building better coping skills

  • Empowerment

  • Addressing important mental health substance use concerns

  • Resolving conflict

Of course, these reasons you might seek therapy, and the benefits you may receive, are not an exhaustive list of all of the motivations and benefits of therapy. Just as there are limitless therapy modalities, there are limitless reasons to seek it out and benefits you may receive.