Identifying Your “Why”

Identifying Your “Why” 🤔

Here at Reframe, we often refer to your “why.” This piece is such an integral part of pursuing an alcohol-free life that it warrants further explanation.  Your “why” is the foundation, the motivation, and the vehicle that sustains your path through alcohol-free living.

In simple terms, your “why” is the biggest reason(s) you are taking a look at your relationship with alcohol.

The practice of identifying these reasons is crucial to this path, because your “why” is:

  • what brought you to examining your relationship with alcohol

  • what motivates you to abstain from alcohol use, especially when it is difficult

  • what transforms your path over time

Just as no two alcohol-free paths are the same, no two “whys” will be the same. Most people on this journey have multifaceted “whys” - several key motivations for continuing their alcohol-free journey.

Such motivations may include

  • 💪 Physical motivations: athletic goals, disease prevention, interference with important medications, sleep improvements, general health and wellness

  • 😃 Emotional motivations: improved self-esteem, improved mental health, feelings of integrity and alignment, reducing shame experiences from actions taken while intoxicated

  • 🥰 Motivating relationships: to repair or improve relationships with specific friends and family, to be a part of a community, to be able to show up for those who depend on us

  • 🏙️ Social motivations: to be able to perform at a job, to reduce risk of legal repercussions like DUIs, to reduce negative consequences from intoxication in social settings