How to Get Into Flow on Purpose

How to Get Into Flow on Purpose2
  • Movement and the body

We mentioned before that flow is an active state—sitting and passively experiencing something will not induce this sense of being in the zone. With that in mind, next time you’re feeling stuck, get moving.

Dance, yoga, walking, group fitness; whatever it is, move those muscles. When we’re able to get out of our head and into our bodies this helps free up the mind for that energetic flow state. (And the blood circulation doesn’t hurt!)

  • Meditation

I know, I know, we said that flow requires activity. But hear us out! Meditation is actually an extremely active, productive activity, if you think about it. It may utilize stillness, but there’s nothing passive about meditation. And when you are able to really drop into a solid meditative state—when you’re able to quiet the mind and focus—that can get you in the zone, and quick.

  • Creation

Create something new, anything. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t need to accomplish anything—just create for creation’s sake. Getting out of our heads and into action can help to remove those creative blocks we find ourselves stuck with, making way for more energetic flow state. Creation is truly at the heart of flow, whether that’s creating energy, love, joy, satisfaction, something tangible, or the equation to decode Fibonaucci’s sequence. (Full disclosure: I’m obviously not a math person. Or is it physics? Who knows. Don’t send my boss feedback if that’s already a thing. I appreciate you, my friend.)

  • Single-tasking

At the heart of it, flow state is all about doing one thing and one thing really forking well. You will not achieve flow state if you’re spinning five plates at once—that simply is not what this concept is about. So if you want to bust that stagnation and hop into the zone, focus on one, single task. Not two, not five, not twenty—one. Put the dirty dishes waiting for you out of your mind. Release that grip you have on the errands you need to run later. Attend to the one task that you want to knock out of the park, and get to work. Multitasking is the enemy of flow. (It’s also a lie we’ve been sold, but that’s another topic for another day. *steps off soapbox.*)

Now, you don’t need to just take my advice—you have your own data and experience to draw from here. Take some time to reflect on the circumstances surrounding the last time you felt flow state, the last time you were in the zone. What did you do to achieve that? What was your environment like? What were you working on? How did it make you feel? These are all data points to achieving future flow—when we take what has worked in the past and build on it, we’re creating amazing resilience and a solid foundation in our life.