Healthful Eating + Building a Balanced Diet

Healthful EatingBuilding a Balanced Diet2

Build nutritious meals and snacks

When choosing what to eat, focus on hitting three categories with every meal and snack: protein, healthy fats, and fiber. If we eat snacks high in refined sugar, refined carbs, or saturated fats, or if we only eat one type of food, we aren’t checking all of the boxes that we need to hit to ensure that we are satiated and supplying our bodies with the necessary fuel. When our food is well rounded, hitting several different categories, we provide our body the right nutrients to get us through the day.

Eat at regular intervals

This is key, especially for maintaining supportive blood sugar levels. Eat something with protein, carbs, and healthy fats every 3 to 4 hours in order to keep our blood sugar even enough to avoid crashes. This also keeps our metabolism pumping, which aids in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Focus on a nutritious breakfast

If you do nothing else, ensure that your first meal of the day is well balanced and full of protein to get you through the day. When we “break” the “fast” our bodies experience overnight with a great meal, we provide fuel and energy for a good day. Eggs, protein smoothies, fruit, oatmeal; all of these are good options to eat in combination.

When we focus on all components of our alcohol-free life, including nutrition, we begin to piece together the building blocks of a well rounded life. We also heal from any negative side effects of our drinking, and we fortify ourselves against future cravings. How can you tweak your diet today to be 10% more supportive to your alcohol-free life?

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