Loneliness can be an incredibly heavy emotion to manage, and is another emotion that makes us want to alter our state quickly. Perhaps if we drink alcohol we won’t have to think about how lonely we are anymore, but the science shows that alcohol can worsen depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. Instead, we can plug into our support networks by reaching out to trusted friends and family or our alcohol-free peer networks. This can be easier said than done, which is why it’s important to have a communication plan already in place, that you can turn to for instruction when you need it. Meditation and mindfulness is another helpful tool for learning how to be alone with ourselves.


Fatigue, both mentally and physically, can be a very intense trigger for alcohol use. We also live in a culture that uses alcohol to unwind, so it’s possible we’ve associated that end-of-the-day slump with past alcohol use. If we’ve identified that our craving is based on the feeling of being tired, getting rest is the best thing we can do. An excellent cravings buster is to simply just go to bed. If we’re in a scenario where that isn’t possible at the moment, we can utilize some of our natural energy boosters like getting some fresh air, going for a walk, or using an uplifting essential oil.

When we H.A.L.T. and tune into the real reason we’re suddenly experiencing a craving, we can better address the core discomfort and heal it at its source, instead of putting a bandaid on it through drinking. Hungry, angry, lonely, and tired are all very common sources of a craving state, and can be easily remedied with healthy and positive coping mechanisms.

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