Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset2

The differences in these thought patterns are subtle, but incredibly important. When we approach our challenges through a fixed mindset, we shoot ourselves in the foot and make it so much harder. Remember, our mindset is incredibly powerful in shaping the way we perceive things like challenges, opportunities, and important life events.

What kind of mindset do you find yourself calling on? Which mindset dominates your inner-dialogue? If it’s a fixed mindset, have no fear; we are capable of change. You are capable of change.

Next time you find yourself operating from a fixed mindset, write down a few of the thoughts running through your head. Then, flip them around to positive, growth mindset-based thoughts. To help train our brains that these are our reality, not the fixed mindset thoughts, we can use strategies like affirmation work. We can build a growth mindset, and it is a powerful tool on our alcohol-free journey.