Gratitude For Feelings

grateful emotions 2

So how exactly do we do this? One way we can find gratitude for our emotional response is to utilize mantras or affirmations. We introduced them before, and this is a great time to revisit those mantras that help you or find new ones to bring into this practice. A mantra I like for this is “my feelings are not facts.” This mantra can help you detach from the feeling and remove any stigma around it. Another helpful mantra comes from Jen Sincero in her book You Are a Badass: “I’m just a little bunny trying to figure it all out.” Repeat these mantras to yourself whenever you feel frustrated or regretful of the emotions you’re experiencing.

It’s an incredibly human thing to experience strong, varied emotions; it’s part of what separates us from the rest of the Animal Kingdom. When we can learn to appreciate them as our mind just trying to help and protect us, we can remove any stigma or loaded feelings about the emotions we experience.

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