Goal Setting and Mental Health

Goal Setting and Mental Health2

Goal setting and mental health treatment

And finally, we have ample data that goal setting is a highly effective tool for those experiencing mental health struggles at large. Goal setting is used widely with people experiencing depression—when something as seemingly simple as hygiene (for example) begins to feel insurmountable, breaking it down like we have throughout this module can really help someone dig out of a depressive hole. Similarly, goal setting can be used for anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and more.

As we’ve worked through all of the nitty gritty pieces of goal setting, how has this information begun to inform your own goals? Have you noticed a shift in their efficacy, your motivation to achieve them, or your overall success? This is a learned skill, to be sure—continue practicing this new way of setting goals and you’ll begin to see just how much it can help.

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