Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone2

When we begin to dig into this, we start considering what feels like the “safe” option. To get you started, here’s this: continuing to drink in a socially acceptable way (even if it’s crushing your soul or ruining your life) is the “safe” option, because it doesn’t rock the boat. It doesn’t step outside of cultural norms, because we live in a boozy society, and it maintains the status quo. (For now.)

On the flip side, changing your relationship with alcohol may feel completely foreign, scary, or really uncomfortable. That’s because you’ve left your comfort zone. If trying to quit, trying to live an alcohol-free life in an alcohol-fueled world, trying to change the way this addictive substance shows up in your life feels hard, that’s because you’re putting in the work to move from “dress rehearsal” mode to curtain call. From practicing life to doing it fully, without numbing or playing small.

And that’s the work. It’s always the work.

Next time you begin to feel tension or discomfort in your alcohol-free journey, or if resistance begins to show up, take a minute to reflect about where you are on your path. Journaling can be helpful—visualizing your comfort zone as a circle (and filling it with all of the things inside the circle), and then placing yourself outside the circle. Reflect on how it feels to be outside the circle, and what’s to be gained by being there. Take this with you next time the resistance shows up and you get farther outside that circle.