Flow + Relationships

Flow Relationships2

Just as we build in flow to other parts of our lives, like our work and our play, we can also intentionally cultivate flow experiences with others. And when we do this, we find that our relationships become incredibly fulfilling and purposeful—you’re not likely to get into true flow while griping about your strict boss or gossiping about the neighbor, but you might find it talking about your dreams or the things you’re most passionate about in this life. Flow deepens relationships, creates a higher vibration for the collective, and can help us feel more fulfilled in the connections we have with other people.

And the beauty of flow is that it has a positive effect on our relationships, even when we aren’t in the zone with another person. When we experience more flow in our own lives, that yields a greater level of happiness and fulfillment. And when we bring that foundation into our relationships, they can flourish.

Today, take some time to reflect on the times you discovered flow, or the feeling of “being in the zone” with another human being. Who was it, and what were you doing? Are there certain social settings where you find yourself experiencing flow often? Can you identify a person who feels like they’re on a similar wavelength as you, who you find yourself jamming out (literally or metaphorically) with frequently?

And once you figure these things out, do more. Spend more time with that person, doing that thing, and finding flow. (Thank me later!)