Flow + Happiness

Flow Happiness 2

In many ways, these little flow experiences can add up to a life purpose; maybe we’ve discovered that our hearts sing when we rock climb, or that perfecting a budgeting spreadsheet is our Nirvana. If we then translate that into the work we do or the hobbies we fill out time with, we’re likely to find that life begins to feel really good.

And the neat part is that we have some agency here. While we can’t always manipulate flow (just like we can’t always manipulate our life—nor would we want to), we can build in practices and environments that foster our flow experiences. That increase the time spent in flow, that help us lose ourselves to “the zone” more often.

Read on for specific tools and strategies to up your flow state experience in the coming days. Until then, can you start brainstorming some ways you can increase the experience of flow in your life, with the goal of increasing your happiness?

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