Flow + Happiness

Flow Happiness

Alright, we’ve dug into a ton of the specifics of flow. Why it’s a “thing,” optimal conditions to achieve it, and a little bit of the brain science. But why do we care about flow in the context of our everyday lives?

Because flow and happiness are beautifully interconnected.

To be fair, we may have a bit of a “chicken or the egg?” scenario. Does flow yield more happiness, or do happy people fall into flow more? Either way, we can still take away the importance of cultivating more flow into our lives in order to improve our happiness.

We touched base on the concept of “eudaimonia” when we discussed well-being, but essentially, it is a general sense of flourishing in life. Basically, #crushingit. And one of the key creators of this funky word “eudaimonia” is our good friend flow. You see, when we’re “in the zone,” this is a time when we often begin to notice the things that fill us up in a way we may have never experienced before. Consider the first time you accidentally fell into a flow state doing something new—did it catch you by surprise a little? I suspect you remember this experience well, because flow is one of the ways that we get little clues into the things that light us up, the things we succeed in, and the things we are meant to do.