Flow & the Body

Flow  the Body2

But movement isn’t the only way flow state is connected to the body. We can attain flow through music—both the enjoyment and creation of. Remember that time you heard that jazz album that transcended you through time and space for 60 minutes? Or how about that time you started noodling around on the piano and before you knew it, hours had passed. Music and movement also go hand in hand; one of the quickest ways I personally find flow is through a kitchen dance party to some early 2000’s Destiny’s Child. Crank up the music and let your body feel the beat, and I bet you’ll find the zone too.

We can also find flow through sensory experiences in the body, particularly by using mindfulness in combination with said experience. Take washing the dishes, for example. When we drop into some mindful dishwashing and start noticing the heat of the water on our hands, the smell of the dish soap, the sound of the scrubber, we suddenly become much more centered on our task. We notice, we’re focused, and it passes quickly. We found flow through sensory experience.

So the next time you’re feeling a little “meh,” focus on the different ways you can use your miraculous body to induce flow, creativity, and a sense of ease. These bodies of ours really are amazing vessels of awesome—let’s use them!