Flow & the Body

Flow  the Body

I come to you today fresh off a virtual spin class that just about killed me. I’ll be frank with you—about 85% of that class was spent cursing the bubbly instructor wearing space buns and a bright red lip, but for that other 15%, I was in the zone.

I had dropped into my body, nothing hurt, I felt a rush of endorphins, and I was crushing it. The hill climb flew by and this deep sense of “hell yes” overcame me. I was in sync with the beat of the music and I reached a PR. I found flow through moving my body. I hopped off the bike and immediately sat down to write, energized and focused.

And this is an excellent mindset to bring to this daily, virtual coffee date of ours (because you know that’s what these daily articles are—a warm oatmilk latte and a blueberry muffin across from your alcohol-free BFF, right?). Let’s talk about flow and the body.

Yesterday, we dipped our toes into a few ways to trick ourselves into a flow state when we feel stagnant, stuck, or blocked. You’ll remember that movement was one of them—as flow state is an active state, movement is an incredible tool to induce this feeling of being in the zone. Of focus, attention, and sometimes even a titch of natural euphoria.

And movement activates another piece to jumpstart that flow state: blood flow. When our blood starts pumping, it delivers more oxygen to the brain, and when the brain gets more oxygen, she perks up. Mental lethargy, blocked inspiration, and poor focus are no match against a good five minutes of moving your body. And don’t worry—we’re not talking about a 60-minute HIIT workout (though it can be that!) here. A walk around the block, a 5-minute chair yoga session, even a few minutes keeping up with your kids can help bust stagnation.