Finding Your Self-Care Go-To's

Finding Your Selfcare

When we begin prioritizing our mind, body, and spirit connection—caring for the whole system instead of putting one category above the rest—it can be helpful to build an arsenal of habits, tools, and practices that we can turn to without much thought. Having a few go-to self-care practices, things that help us come back to ourselves quickly, is one of the most supportive things you can do for yourself in alcohol-free living.

Self-care gets a little bit of a bad rap these days, mostly because it’s pretty overused in the social media space. If you find yourself cringing a little at the thought of #selfcare, let’s put aside the version of self-care that Instagram influencers have co-opted, and focus on the truly helpful practices we can build into our lives. True self-care helps calm our nerves, can bring us back into our bodies when we feel like we’re crawling out of our skin, and can help us treat ourselves when we need a little more care of celebration.

Considering this mind, body, spirit triad, what kind of self-care practices can you build that check all of these boxes? If you don’t have a favorite that covers all three, can you make sure that you have at least one practice you love in each category? When we are building our alcohol-free toolbox and implementing self-care, the same balance and equilibrium is important. If we’re just practicing self-care that helps our mind, but never our body or our spirit, we start to throw the cycle out of whack.