Finding Purpose + Values

Finding Purpose Values2

4 Steps to Finding Purpose + Meaning

  • Make space for passion and play

We were certainly not put on this earth to eat, work, sleep, then die. All of the space in between contains ample opportunity for juicy purpose and meaning, even if we aren’t finding it at work. When we make space for creativity, movement, eudaimonia, we are making space to discover meaning.

  • Connect with people

There is deep meaning and purpose to be found in connection. Whether that’s connection with friends and family, connection to a social movement, or connection to all humankind, when we come from a place of people, humans first, there is purpose within that connection.

  • Foster positive mood

It sounds simple, but it’s actually really difficult to find purpose and meaning when our mood is poor. If we’re struggling with sadness or even depression, there is no energetic space for purpose. When we address the underlying mood, that opens up our ability to seek out purpose.

  • Control what you can control

Specifically, your environment. Take the steps to create a positive environment, and that also creates energetic space for finding purpose and meaning. If our environment is chaos, our energy is simply too focused on emergency management to find what we’re here to do on this Earth.

Do you feel like you know what your purpose is, that there’s ample meaning in your life? If not, how might you take a step towards uncovering that?

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